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My friend Aaron, made a 4x4 Chev K-5 into an off-road vehicle for a local club. It was built from 2 units, starting from the frame, in other words, nothing was attached. This project lasted over 3 months, mostly after hours and weekends. Nothing was noticed or gave us any concerns while working on this vehicle, on a large farm (cows) in a barn. Two (2) persons have died on this farm over the last several years.

I have not found out, at what time the car showed up with its lights on. It's possible the lights output got into the camera eye.

Then, Aaron drove his vehicle later and found a bad leak in the power steering output hose. We had spent many hours working on the engine and checking it out before Aaron decided to take the pictures and then take it out for its first drive when this happened suddenly.

Another time, one week later, the #5 piston failed. The piston rod went thru the block, destroying the engine.

One of the guys that died, was the farm owners' son, he died on his motorcycle, leaving the farm. Aaron's friend, that also helped, removed the motorcycle and moved it to Aaron's house. This was just before the pictures were taken.

We used the Digital Sony camera, so we could load these pictures on an Internet domain for off road clubs.

The time was early evening, the sun was setting behind Aaron taking the picture. No one was smoking. All pictures were taken in late afternoon. There was no mist involved, no fog. All the pictures were taken with the same Sony digital camera.

After reviewing all the other pictures taken that afternoon, we have found several more that show something that was not noticed when the picture was being taken or after seeing the finished domain pictures, until we looked closer.

The two pictures of the yellow, older pickup cannot be replaced as the truck does not exist anymore. It became his newer K5 offroad truck - the blue one, with the picture of the front end. That picture was taken the night he got it running. But that truck engine died two weeks later - blew up while driving down the highway and was towed to where we live. Aaron is trying to sell it as-is.

Aaron's original frame is at the barn. We were out there recently to start cleaning up the mess after modifying one pickup into another.



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Submitted to Ghost Trackers by Ted Anderson and Aaron Hagman of Mount Vernon, Washington.

You can view other pictures of Aaron's K5 truck at the link below. We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Ted and Aaron for allowing us to use their pictures and information regarding this amazing picture.

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