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The information on this site has not been revised since May of 2004. Please see our new site for all the latest information on the Ghost Trackers.

Ghost Trackers' Ghost Hunter Store

Don't Look Any Further!! Everything You Need To Begin Ghost Hunting Is Right Here!!

We are constantly looking for items for you to receive only the best equipment.

Equipment that the Ghost Trackers would use while on their ghost hunts.

Ghost Trackers'

Ghost Hunting Online Course

For those ghost hunters, paranormal investigators and other interested persons wanting to learn more about ghost hunting but are not able to attend one of our great lectures, have no fear!!

In cooperation with Online Publishing Services, we now have a HOME STUDY GHOST HUNTING COURSE. With this course you will be able to:

The Ghost Trackers are offering two courses, each includes personalized service and an email link for immediate response. You will also receive a certificate that you DON'T have to pay for like some sites offer.

The Paranormal Investigators Course is to used in conjunction with The Ghost Hunters Course. It is an addition to that course, not to be used on its own. The Ghost Hunting Course gives you the basics of ghost hunting and the paranormal investigations course offers you the scientific techniques over-and-above what the Ghost Hunting Course offers.

The Ghost Trackers are offering these courses as listed below:

ORDER TODAY!! The special price is for a limited time!! Your order will be sent our immediately upon receiving your request.

Become A Ghost Hunter/Paranormal Investigator And Join The Thousands Of Others That Are Currently Enjoying The Secrets To Better Ghost Hunting


Our items you can order now and in the future!!

Get These Two Powerful Videos For Your Collection Now!!!

Pearl Harbor Revisited - U.S.S. Utah/U.S.S. Airzona

- Movie Mix Productions has put together only the most "historically accurate" documentary. They were given this title by the Pearl Harbor Memorial Foundation in Hawaii
where the video is currently being sold.

You can purchase this video for $15.00 now

Pearl Harbor Revisited - U.S.S. Utah/U.S.S. Arizona - "Go back in time and experience the U.S.S. Utah and the U.S.S. Arizona, two ships that have remained at Pearl Harbor since the surprise attack on Decmeber 7, 1941. Contains authentic film footage from the attack, and a complete visit to their Memorials in Hawaii. The U.S.S. Utah and U.S.S. Arizona Revisited will take you back in time when the ships were part of America's powerful Navy. Listen to seven survivor's talk about their day in history and how they survived the destruction of their ships. You will see historic film footage and photographs shot by military personnel during and after the attack. We will also visit the U.S.S. Utah and the U.S.S. Arizona Memorials and the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Museum."

Air Power

- Movie Mix Productions went to the Castle Air Museum and has obtained great footage for you to see all the airplanes this museum holds.

You can purchase this video for $15.00 now

Air Power - "There is something about Military aircraft that fascinates and captivates. Air Power gets you up close and inside some of the world's most fascinating and rare military aircraft. Air Power features the aircraft of the Castle Air Museum, aircraft like: the B-29 Superfortress, F-4 Phantom and mysterious SR-71 Blackbird. Watch these both inside and out. That's right, Air Power puts you in the cockpit of these world famous planes. Air Power features over 40 historic military aircraft maintained at the Castle Air Museum."...Running time:60 minutes

Coming Soon!!!

Ghosts of Tombstone

- Join the Ghost Trackers investigating Haunted Tombstone. Hear all the stories of the experiences that took place to both the Ghost Trackers and the camera crew as they investigated Haunted Tombstone. This film is currently in production and will be released for sale later this year. Reserve your copy now!!!


What is your pleasure? Paperback books or E-Books? The Ghost Trackers will make both available to you. Here is the current list of books available:

Ghost Trackers Guide To Haunted Tombstone

- This book covers all the stories and experiences of the Ghost Trackers and their camera crew as they investigated the haunts of Tombstone. Visit Tombstone's haunts like the O.K. Corral, the Buford House Bed and Breakfast and the Bird Cage Theater. You have never visited places like this before. You will get all the history and all the haunted happenings. You can purchase this now for $14.95.

Faces Of A Ghost Hunter

- This book describes what it's like to be a ghost hunter, especially for women. Beautifully written by Gloria Young, she takes you on a tour of her life as a ghost hunter and describes her journey of discovery. She weaves many tales in her book that will leave your mouth hanging open in awe. How could that really happen? Well it did!! She shows you all there is to know about her ghost hunting career.You can purchase this book now for $15.95.

Look to this page soon for all your favorite items as prices will be so reasonable you will think it is Christmas every day!!

You can contact the Ghost Trackers via email for further information on these items:

All proceeds benefit the Ghost Trackers organization.

You can also make a generous donation to help the Ghost Trackers continue their valuable scientific research.

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