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Santa Clara Mission and Cemetery

Santa Clara Mission and Cemetery is a Catholic cemetery located near downtown Santa Clara, California. It is a large acreage of land that has been providing spaces for those who have passed over for many years.

I have been visiting this cemetery for years as my relatives are buried here. One day, my parents will be buried here. This cemetery will not allow any research to be done at night. I have decided that since they are not willing to allow us to get in past closing, whatever research we might be able to do would have to be done during the day. Unfortunately, because of power lines we would not be able to have accurate readings from any equipment we take. So, I have just decided to take pictures of some of the more interesting headstones.

11/15/02 -

We arrived at 10:15 a.m. in the morning. We set our recording devices at various spots in the cemetery and proceeded to take pictures of interesting headstones. Following that, we packed up and left. Upon review of the tapes, we discovered we had a possible EVP recording of a woman or young girl's voice saying, "get out". There was no one else around us. We left the recorder but were within sight of it at all times. The wind was blowing a bit and it was sunny with birds singing. That is the only unusual phenomenon on that tape.

Notice the unusual headstone for this husband and wife. This headstone is a tribute to the husband who was probably a pilot or had something to do with making flying better in his lifetime. On the cylinder on the right, there is a old fashioned plane sitting atop it.

This crypt absolutely fascinated me. I could not imagine finishing out the rest of my spiritual life with a head above my final resting place. However, forgive me, for if this happened to be my father's head, I guess I would be proud of it too.

The gorgeous detailing and spiritually wonderous feeling of this headstone made me think of having my journey to the other side be such an enlightening event. I found this headstone to be in such good taste and so awakening to the soul. I just had to put it on this page.

Although this plot of land is difficult to see, we had to step back to get the whole emphasis of this plot. We noticed the distinguished detailing of the large headstone and noticed the different little headstones denoting each member of the family and again, them being different, showing different family members.

This headstone was gorgeous in its layout and detail. The angels and cross mingle together in such beauty and the saying on the stone is written in such a beautiful font, whomever took the time to design this headstone must have loved this person immensely.

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