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Save The Historic Mustang Ranch

The Bureau of Land Management has made many empty promises to our coalition of groups. We finally have discovered what the BLM is made of and that they are just like any other typical government agency. They make promises and break them. The BLM had the intent of giving the buildings to us...we have proof of that, but even the Director of the BLM in Washington, Kathleen Clarke, will not return our calls or answer our faxes or emails. The Governor of Nevada, Kenny Guinn also will not return any calls or faxes or emails. This shows how our government works. This shows our taxes at work. Join us today. Fax, call, write or email these two people who can help us regain these buildings that were promised to us.

Watch Me Shine

-Joanna Pacitti-From the soundtrack of "Legally Blonde"

Our goal is to work together with other groups in our coalition as well as, an online adult resource and Sharnel Silvey, former Madam at the Mustang Ranch and her group to have these buildings turned over to us so we may move them off the BLM's property, onto another property and renovate them into a museum. Many people have declared their interest in seeing the buildings be used for just such a purpose. Terry Randolph, Project Manager with the Bureau of Land Management has also stated that the BLM would like nothing more than to see these buildings be used for a museum for the public.

We urge the public to become involved as this is not an easy task and every person can be a help

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