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Mission City Memorial Park

Mission City Memorial Park is a non-sectarian cemetery which is open and lovely and one of few cemeteries that allows dog walking. It has lots of benches around the cemetery and gently rolling hills, not large hills just juts out of the ground which are grass covered and great for sitting and gathering your thoughts. This cemetery sits not far from main streets, neighborhoods and churches and is a lovely place. I have put a few of the more interesting headstones below.

Searching through Mission City Memorial Park, I was drawn to this one area before any other. Although this is a vastly large cemetery, there are headstones that are the normal, round headstones but there are many, many others that are just headstone plaques that are centered on the plot in the ground.

However, when I drove in this day trying to figure out where I should begin research in this cemetery, I feel as though I was drawn to this place and it was when I discovered this headstone, I knew why. It was very compelling to have found this. Not only are my feelings deep for the victims and families of September 11, 2001 but this was a native Santa Claran. Although there was also a Santa Clara University student on board that flight, this particular person was from Santa Clara. We are always curious what draws us to certain spots to allow destiny to run its course and although I had been looking for older headstones for dates and research data, I had been past this place many, many times before. Today was just different. Today I noticed that a person that happened to be on the hijacked plane of Flight 93 on that awful day was right here. After saying a prayer for her, I went about my business.

Although these little plaques are hard to read, they are for three children of the same family, all died within days or months of birth. It amazes me how fortunate we are in this day and age, that we have the technology to heal. If not for these courageous people coming to these places to make new cities far from where they originally lived, we would not have the history we have to see. Their deaths provided new and vital data for us to follow as they were the pioneers for us to survive.

I was so taken by this headstone because of its unusual nature. I could just imagine someone's grandpa or father coming home and hanging up his hat. It would have such great meaning in death that now he was "hanging up his hat". I found this to be very sentimental.

I think this is a much more interesting cemetery than the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. The people at that cemetery, when attempting to ask questions, are more stuffy and prefer not to answer any questions. Whereas, the people that work for Mission City Memorial Park are more open and much nicer. Even though both are taken care of by the city of Santa Clara, my preference would be for Mission City Memorial Park.

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