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KGST Radio - Ghost Trackers Radio

Look for our new weekly broadcasts

The Ghost Trackers are now on the radio. You will be able to listen to the Ghost Trackers as they bring you information about the paranormal. Each week will bring a new informational session. Bookmark this page so you won't miss a minute of our stories, guest speakers, news and information from The Other Side!!!

"The Ghost" is your host for the talk show and she will be bringing you all the great music. You can find her at the links below.

Click here for KGST Radio

You can use any player including Shoutcast and Icecast but we recommend Streamer p2p to use this stream. You can download Streamer at or click on the link. It's FREE!!

You Can Download Streamer Here

We will be playing various music the majority of the day. The music will keep your toes tapping all through the day as it's a great mix of oldies and new music. Intermixed will be the talk show broadcasts. In the evenings it will play often for those getting ready to go out ghost hunting. Our broadcast will have a segment on "Hauntings", "Tips on Ghost Hunting" and other news and information. Be sure to catch this broadcast as it airs. It will change weekly.

Email us with questions you would like answered over the radio. Please be sure to include your name, city and state and your questions. We will try to get to all the questions we can in the time allotted.

You can also email us your stories to read over the air. Again, include your name, city and state so you can receive credit for your work.

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