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Haunted Queen Anne Hotel

The Ghost Trackers held the 2003 California Ghost Hunters Conference at the Queen Anne Hotel in May of 2003. During that time, the attendees were able to perform investigations throughout the hotel. The following extraordinary pictures were taken by Author and Guest Speaker, Janice Oberding, during one of the investigations of the hotel.

This first picture shows the formation of an anomaly on the stairs. The other "orb-like" formations are caused by lens flare and are not part of the anomaly in the picture. The anomaly is limited to what is on the staircase.

In this second picture, you can see the anomaly has generated even further developing what looks like arms and legs.

In this third picture, the anomaly has disappeared. We are obviously unsure if it disappeared into the wall or just disappeared. These are especially amazing pictures as during the course of the conference, Janice displayed the pictures while still in her camera thus giving us the knowledge that they are not manipulated in any way.

We had our forensic photographer, Jim Carter, review the pictures and he did so even though he also had seen the pictures in the camera at the conference. He did attempt to recreate the pictures himself by going back to the Queen Anne and taking pictures in the very spot using a copy of the pictures as reference. He could not recreate the pictures. You can see his notes at our other website:

Jim Carter's Assessment

Our Biggest Thanks To Janice Oberding For Her Gracious Use Of Her Amazing Pictures From Our Conference

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