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The information on this site has not been revised since May of 2004. Please see our new site for all the latest information on the Ghost Trackers.


Dedicated to the Research, Investigation and Documentation
of Ghostly Activity in the Santa Clara County and Surrounding Areas
of Northern California

Meet Our Coalition Of Groups - Paranormal Researchers Of The Pacific Northwest

Central California Paranormal Investigators


Together With Other Groups Building A New Dynamic Among Paranormal Researchers In The Pacific Northwest

Building A Coalition Of Groups In The Pacific Northwest For Collaborative Efforts In The Investigation Processes And Research


Jim Carter

Investigative Photographer/Forensic Photographer

Utilizing Skills and Talent In Collaborative Research Efforts

In Loving Memory
to those who gave their lives on September 11, 2001

All Gave Some, Some Gave All

"Let's Roll" - Todd Beamer, Flight 93

"You cannot stop us,
You cannot bring us down,
Never give up,
We go on and on
You'll never break us,
Never bring us down.
We are alive"
- Defy You by The Offspring

The Ghost Trackers Have Been Involved In The Filming Of A Documentary On Ghost Hunting

The Ghost Trackers working in conjunction with Movie Mix Productions began filming a documentary on ghost hunting a few months ago. Movie Mix Productions has also produced a prior film called "Ghost Quest" as well as other documentaries, more specifically, one entitled, "Pearl Harbor Revisited" which is currently on sale at the Pearl Harbor/U.S.S. Arizona Memorial gift shop and at our Ghost Hunter Store. This film was named "Historically Accurate" by the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial and the National Park Service which no other documentary has been named.

We also have been asked to collaborate on a documentary of Tombstone, Arizona. The documentary called "Ghosts of Tombstone" will be available for sale later this year. It is currently in post-production. We are honored to have been asked to join in on the filming of this historic documentary. We would like to thank Movie Mix Productions for this priviledge.

You Can Visit Movie Mix Productions Here

We had been granted permission by The Buford House Bed & Breakfast in Tombstone, Arizona to be able to perform an investigation in their HAUNTED establishment.

You can visit The Buford House Bed & Breakfast Here

Look at pictures of the filming currently taking place.

Pictures and information of filming and Tombstone

More Coming Soon!!


The Ghost Trackers Are Now On The Radio!!

The Ghost Trackers have now secured a spot on the radio. We will be broadcasting weekly with news, stories, information and guest speakers from "The Other Side"!!!

The channel ID has now been issued and you can bookmark the page. We are now streaming 24 hours a day. You won't want to miss our weekly broadcasts!!

Click here for more information on KGST Radio - Ghost Trackers Radio

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Our Mission Statement

One of our necessary legal statements

The Ghost Trackers are willing to share any and all information with any group or individual as necessary. We will NOT share any personal information regarding a private investigation unless signed permission has been obtained. Our mission is to make the public aware of ghosts and paranormal activity and the energy they convey to make their presence known. We want to educate and inform the public of their existence and their need to share spaces on earth.

Our Disclaimer

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This site does not contain information related to any specific private investigation that has been conducted. This website does not, under any circumstances, post information related to our private investigations anywhere on this web site without explicit signed permission.


The Information Below Is MY Public Forum - A Place For Me To Express My Views. Be Aware That These Views Are MY Opinion And Do Not Reflect Those Views Or Opinions Of Anyone Else


Laci Rocha (Peterson) and her Unborn Son, Connor, Were Found Dead On April 18, 2003

Their long submerged bodies were found washed ashore, on yet again, the day before another Holy Day.

Please remember Laci and Baby Connor in your prayers. The Modesto Police and Stanislaus County DA have worked tirelessly on their case and now Laci and Baby Connor will hopefully rest in peace with the Lord. They are safe longer longer in pain. They have been returned to their real family.

The person considering himself the husband in this case has been arrested. Scott Peterson was arrested, April 18, 2003 with his brother's identification and $10,000 in cash in his pocket.


Lord, You Have Called Them Out By Name And Taken Them Home

...though I have never seen with human eyes the hands that lead me home.

2/1/03 - Please Remember The Columbia Space Shuttle Astronauts In Your Prayers - They Have Touched The Sky And Now Rest Among The Stars; Mission Commander Rick Husband, Pilot William McCool, Payload Commander Michael Anderson, Mission Specialist David Brown, Mission Specialists Laurel Clark, Dr. Kalpana Chawla and Israeli Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon.

Help The Ghost Trackers And Citizens Of Reno, Nevada Preserve The Historical Value That Was The Mustang Ranch

Death For Famed Brothel...Feds Shut Down The Mustang Ranch

On August 9, federal agents padlocked two legendary brothels in Storey County just east of Reno, Nevada: Mustang 1 and Mustang 2, better known simply as the Mustang Ranch. The Mustang Ranch had been a local landmark since 1955, when Joe Conforte opened what was then an illegal house of prostitution.

Click Here To View The History Of The Mustang Ranch

Although the Ghost Trackers are not especially interested in the fact that this was a brothel, they are interested in preserving the past history that these buildings have and are interested in helping the citizens of Reno, the Historical Society and the local government benefit by moving the buildings, renovating them and turning it into a museum.

If you can contribute money, heavy equipment, time or people, WE WANT YOU!! Time is not a luxury!!

You can also email, fax, call the Bureau of Land Management's Director in Washington, Kathleen Clarke at:

Or, you can fax, mail or call the BLM in Nevada at:

To Get Your Group Involved, email us using the link below:

Join Our Current Coalition Of Ghost Hunting/Paranormal Research Groups AND Mark Hoffman, Owner Of "The Cabin In The Sky" Restaurant As Well As Among Others Attempting to Save These Historic Buildings.

For More Information, please call: 408-244-0160

To Make A Generous Contribution, use the Amazon System below and thank you for helping the Ghost Trackers help others!!

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In Memoriam

This is a spot I chose to reflect

As a firm believer in life after life, unfortunately, I have to also believe in the ending of life. Death is the end of life as we know it in physical form. When this physical form ends, we must step over into the next plane as spirit energy. On that plane, there is no pain, no hunger, no worries. There is only happiness and freedom.

Although we grieve for those we have lost because we cannot have them in the physical form we had become accustomed to, we still have our thoughts and memories. Remember to tell those you love how much you care about them everyday because we never know when we may never see them again.

In Loving Memory


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