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On August 20, 2002, while visiting the Los Angeles area we discovered that we were close by this little cemetery which had some of the biggest names in Hollywood resting there.

This cemetery is located just off the center of Los Angeles' busy movie star industry. It is located near U.C.L.A. and is nestled amid palm trees and large oak trees. The birds sing softly in this one or two block area of land that is surrounded by large, tall, ugly buildings. There is only one entrance and that entrance is very difficult to find. If you look for it on a map, you would never find it. Only the local people, or people who have been there before might be able to tell you how to get in there.

Unfortunately, the day we went the people we attempted to stop to ask the simple question of where the cemetery was only ignored us. Of course, I do not blame them for not answering us. In this day of deception, terrorism, kidnapping and violence, I find myself also not answering what would probably be normal people asking simple questions. One cannot be too careful and therefore, I do not blame these people for not talking to us as I would be doing the very same thing.

Westwood Cemetery is a quiet little spot surrounded by trees that is surrounded by immense concrete and glass stories high. However, it is remarkable that when you walk into this little area you hear none of the sounds of a city that are just a block away. You hear quiet. You hear birds singing occasionally. It is an eerie quiet for you know that you are surrounded by some of the biggest names in Hollywood who have been laid to their eternal rest.

While we were taken by the very breadth of who's company we were in, namely, Dean Martin, Dominique Dunne, Dorothy Stratten, Minnie Ripperton, Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood and Marilyn Monroe, we were also noticing the thickness of the feelings in some of the crypt areas. We attempted to take photos and EVP. Our EVP did not register anything but a photo we took did. We have tried to figure out why we took two photos of the same thing within a minute or so of each other and both without flashes, that it would have lights. Could not figure out an explanation for that one. Anyway, short of gawking at our resting celebrities, our investigation basically turned up nothing more than the strong sense that we were not alone and the feeling of thickness that comes when you know that you are being watched.

In the two pictures below are Marilyn Monroe's grave marker. These were taken within a minute of each other. No flash was used for either one. They were both taken from the same distance away but the one on the left was taken closer using the telephoto lens. You decide how this happened.

In these last two pictures, you can see Marilyn is in good company. That is Natalie Wood's marker on the left and Walter Matthau's on the right.