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The Andleberry Estate and Sanitarium

The house is old but in reasonably good shape considering its age. There is a large plaque on the side of the house which says, "Andleberry Estate, Established in 1871". I had double checked the history of the house before setting up this investigation. I didn't feel that there was any reason I would find anything that was curious or out of the ordinary. I had visited their website many times and decided to take a trip to see the old house for myself.

What I found was a large, looming, energy filled house that gave me my first impression of needing to say something. I always describe my "feelings" to people who don't understand what I feel as, "the hair standing up on the back of my neck, that feeling you get as though you are being watched, getting suddenly cold without being able to explain why, etc." I realized before even stepping foot into this house that this would be some place that I needed to actually investigate. I checked out the grounds and decided that I was definitely going to set up an investigation.

On Friday, August 9, 2002, we arrived at the Andleberry Estate. This is a large, four story house with an attached sanitarium and basement which covers the whole length of the house.

We arrived at approximately 5 pm. We were traveling from Santa Clara county and the house is located in Clovis, California.

Upon entering the heavily steel gated driveway, we approached the front porch. The energy emanating from the house was very heavy. The pressure to my chest was incredible. My knees became a bit wobbly and I felt a bit lightheaded. I had to stop in my tracks for a bit and regain my composure. I entered through the extra large, steel front door. The entryway and first part of the house was all made out of hardwood. It was absolutely gorgeous. To the right of the entryway was the parlor. I met with the owner and other members of our group. We sat on one of two couches and went over the protocol we were going to follow for the evening.

We were given an assistant for the evening in case anyone had an emergency or became ill. After our quick meeting, we were asked if we wanted a short tour of the house. We followed the assistant as he led us through a maze of rooms on the first floor. We walked into a room off the parlor. There were two coffins in the room, set up in such a style used for viewing. One in our group immediately smelled roses, not fresh but the old fashioned type of rose fragrance used many years ago in the form of toilet water. We were all excited at that point.

From there we went back through the parlor, across the entryway into the kitchen. Aside from the usual large kitchen appliances, we discovered a curtain covering a small pantry-type area. We noticed it flutter from some wind, however, it fluttered in one direction only. There were no windows in that closet and no vents. The curtain only fluttered out away from the little room but as it fell back it did not move past the door jam. We could not come up with an explanation for that.

As we had not traveled far from the parlor, we wandered back there as that was to be our meeting area and at that point discovered more of our group had arrived. We made our acquaintances and hellos. Most of the group I had never met before. I discovered that we had to stop for a bit. The owner had set up some interviews for us with local news stations. As a couple of us talked with the media, the others were checking equipment and getting it set up. Giving these interviews took quite a bit of time and we felt like movie stars for a time. As soon as one news station left, we were doing another.

After what seemed like forever, all of our investigators were there and we were then going to begin our research. We were then to break off into groups. I designated three leaders and gave them investigators to go with them. We then sent each group off into a different part of the house to investigate for two hours after which time we would go back to the meeting area and switch areas.

Our group began in the upper floors. We went to the second floor and began to work around the maze of props, partitions and furniture to see what evidence we could obtain. The house was purchased by the current owner to be used as an attraction at Halloween. He allowed people to go through on a self-guided tour and enjoy all the mazes, props and scary things they placed there.

We worked our way through room after room, meticulously searching, observing and filming anything we think might be evidence of activity. We found two cold spots in different bedrooms. Actually the upper rooms are quite lovely despite all the plastic corpses, hydraulic machines and convex mirrors you see in various rooms. Each room was decorated either in Halloween attire or in rustic or contemporary design. You were made to feel like you had gone back in time to the days when life was much simpler. The walls were decorated with pictures from the past. Mothers with their children sitting at her knees dressed in their finery looking at you beneath wide eyed stares. The mother sitting in a chair with her hair in a bun and a soft smile on her face. Yet in other rooms you had pictures that had horrid, twisted faces that gave you a sense of dread so you weren't sure if you should go any further. It made going through the rooms on the second floor difficult at times yet simple in others.

Our next stop was the basement. We determined this to be the place that everybody wanted to go to first. This was to be the most active place and we were not disappointed. We walked down the old, rickety stairs to the basement. This place reminded me of the movie set of the "Texas Chain Saw Massacre". There were props being set up and blood all over the walls. Although the weather outside was over 100 degrees on this day, it was still quite chilly down in that basement. Everywhere we went pictures were being taken, measurements were taken and anything else we could have to possibly document any activity was done. We walked through the maze of rooms down there and discovered to our amazement, while we were standing right there, a stuffed animal, hanging from the ceiling by a string began revolving counter clockwise. This animal was surrounded by five other stuffed dolls but no other doll was moving. Just this one! Terrific! We were ecstatic. We discovered orbs on our pictures after leaving the basement.

We were so happy after leaving the basement. We were all abuzz. Following each change of rooms, we met back in the parlor for a 10 minute rest and chat about what we all discovered in our respective places. What a thrill to actually have things to share.

Lastly, we were to go into the sanitarium. We entered this long hall with a number of rooms, we believe 21 for a total of 42 patients when used. The rooms were blood splattered, equipment equipped, corpse filled mazes designed for the crowds who would be using them in October, although they were not quite finished. We approached each room with great care not knowing what to expect or what was in each room. Although it was not a possibility, we still didn't know whether to expect someone to jump out and yell "boo" or not. We discovered a door with a face that the owner's assistant says he had never seen before. We found a constant cold spot, perhaps the "heart of the house"? We found other cold spots as well. We experienced what we believed to be a child tugging on a female investigator's shirt and a male investigator's shirt. We believed that same child ran past a few shorts-wearing men investigators. They said they felt the cold wind past their legs. As the child ran past they both turned their heads to look into the room where the wind went, both expecting to see something in that room. Two investigators were pushed, shadows were seen crossing hallways, doors were quietly closing without help.

We felt very drained after our experiences. We had one last bonus walk. We would be able to walk to the outside of the house and climb two flights to stairs to the fourth floor. We looked through the old patient's records and looked out over the edge of the house. We took pictures and received a prize -- lots and lots of orbs in this room.

We all were excited yet exhausted from our investigation. Through the rest of the night we heard many things that ranged from bangings to cold air coming into the room. The temperature outside had reached over 100 degrees during the day and the evening although much cooler at 84 degrees was still hot. Every window in this house was boarded and double sealed, inside and out. There were no open vents and the thick, heavy, steel doors did not allow any air to filter through.

Our questions were then: Why were there cold spots? Why the banging when there was no one inside the house other than us and no one outside the house? Who's footsteps did we hear? What was actually tugging at the shirts of the people in our group and who did the pushing? Who was actually running from room to room down in the sanitarium when the house has no history of children in that part of the house?

There are so many, many questions that we are unable to answer. It has been requested and we plan on doing a follow-up investigation to see if we can actually document more than we have under different circumstances such as a full moon, different day of the week, etc.