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Country Cemetery


I had been searching for this little cemetery for quite awhile. I had attempted numerous times to find it and also asked directions but never seemed to get the right ones. Finally, when I was totally lost somewhere in the neighborhood, I happened to ask a nice man who was walking his dog. I asked where the old mines were and he questioned if I was looking for the trail to go walking. I said I was actually looking for the little graveyard that was supposed to be there. He said indeed there was one and that it is a very nice one. Lots of history and very peaceful.

He gave me the directions which included traveling on this road - "carefully" - to get there. I followed the directions not realizing I had been passing it many times already. There was no sign off the main road and no one would know to look there unless you were directed.

When I got there, I was overwhelmed. It was peaceful. It was very nice and I discovered that it may be haunted. I wasn't expecting to get anything on film other than the pictures I was taking. There were headstones placed in the ground and then surrounded by white picket fences, probably by the group who had originally cleaned up this place. They probably wanted to protect and preserve what was there. The headstones date back as far as the late 1800's. They were apparently people buried there from families that lived around the area and worked the mines.

When I looked around, I noticed that the cemetery was separated in two by the very road that I drove in on. There was really no place to park so I edged off the road as much as I could. There was construction going on in nearby houses. You could hear chain saws and trucks. You could also hear the birds and the cranes or ducks or both. There was a nearby creek that flowed nearby and sounded so wonderful in that little area. The cemetery was placed around trees and lots of greenery. It was almost overgrown.

I took many pictures and attempted to get EVP. When I came up to one plot, I went about setting up the tripod and checking just exactly how I wanted to take my picture. I was just about ready to press the button and as I did I noticed a bright "thing". I don't know how to say what it was but it was bright over the camera at what I was looking at and in the viewfinder as well. I took a look at that picture and thought I had not taken a good picture so I did it again....right afterward. There was nothing wrong this time. After taking the rest of the pictures and placing my equipment in the car, I left for home not fully aware of what I had taken as a picture.

I was so amazed at what I saw that I had to call our forensic photographer to run a series of tests on this picture. He was baffled as well. He asked me to take another series of pictures which I did. I took these pictures in the same way, at approximately the same time, the following day. There was nothing on those pictures.

It is always exciting when you catch something that you cannot account for in a picture. It is even more exciting when you are as skeptical as the next person and so is your colleague who is testing these pictures. He has not been able to come up with any plausible explanation for what is on these pictures. I happen to chalk it up to maybe a couple of spirits curious as to what I was doing and coming over to say hello!!


This picture was taken on a partly cloudy day with no wind or breezes. There was no fog, nothing to indicate interference from the weather. I had taken about 15-20 pictures already that day. I had immediately seen it "shine" bright or light up in the viewfinder of my camera and half from my eye when taking it. I took the next picture immediately after it with no occurrence. There was nothing that we could find that would cause this; spider webs, straps (I held the strap in my hand), strands of hair (I had a cap on and my hair back in a band) or bugs (there was an occasional fly but no gnats or any other flying insect).

This picture was taken approximately 30 seconds after the previous picture after I saw something was amiss with that picture. I didn't exactly know what it was but figured I might have made a mistake. My normally very skeptical mind did not figure I had caught something that may be paranormal.


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Submitted by Gloria Young of Ghost Trackers

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