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Our Biggest Thanks To These Kind Souls For Generously Contributing To Our Fund

We cannot thank them enough for their wonderful generosity. We did show our appreciation by sending each one a Ghost Trackers T-shirt. If you would like your own Ghost Tracker T-shirt, simply make a contribution today!

  1. Chrystie Young
  2. Gerald Zaplawa
  3. Tom Harrison
  4. Michelle Thompson
  5. Skyy Johnson
  6. Sydney Page, M.D.
  7. Chris Sommers
  8. Roger Owens
  9. Scott William
  10. Andrew Paulson
  11. Carlos Silva
  12. Pref Ramirez
  13. Ernestine Flores
  14. Tuan Nguyen
  15. Lori DonDiego
  16. Paul Adams

Again, thank you to these fine people for contributing so generously so that we may continue our research and investigations