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Cemetery Research

Graveyards are common to every town and city in America. Cemeteries are resting places for the dead, but why do we pick the locations we do for cemeteries? Is there an unseen force that draws people to a location? Is it sacred ground? A portal to the other side? We are not sure yet why cemeteries have high concentrations of spirit activity but we are working along with other researchers to find an answer.

Cemeteries also provide us with information that we can compare with other data collected in private homes and historic sites that claim to be haunted as well.

Mission City Memorial Park

Santa Clara Mission Cemetery

Hacienda Cemetery and Memorial Park

Ed Levin Cemetery aka Laguna Cemetery

REMEMBER!! You will come across some situations in which some people are adamant that you cannot be allowed access to the land. They give no other reason than liability. You attempt to ask for permission and they merely state no. One such county is Santa Clara county and the city of Santa Clara in particular. Our group has repeatedly been told that there are not even any ghosts in Santa Clara. We have been told this from the superintendent of the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery and from the Historical Liaison. I am always fascinated by the closed mindedness of many people who are eager to just turn their noses at people who try to do research. So, please obtain permission first and if you are not allowed entry, just turn away. This is a fight you will not win.

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