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Haunted Alcatraz

Although different stories have been heard over many years regarding the hauntings at Alcatraz, none is better than the first hand accounts one experiences when visiting the places in question. Our group had the opportunity to visit Alcatraz Island as part of our conference held in May of 2003.

Alcatraz is a great place to visit if you are a ghost hunter. There are so many different feelings that emanate from every wall and some areas are so thick with these feelings that it is overwhelming.

Although we were able to visit the same areas as many of the other visitors to the island, we were given a private tour thanks to Mark Guilford of Sacramento Paranormal Investigators by Park Rangers Curtis, Mandi and Joy. We were allowed to tour through the old hospital ward where many of the infamous convicts of Alcatraz either died or were treated for illnesses or ailments. Many of our conference-goers were experiencing these thick, harsh feelings. Many of them also were "seeing" floating lights as well as a few "seeing" apparitions. It made for a very exciting tour.

We were very fortunate to capture what we feel are possibly orbs on "Broadway" which is the main walkway in the actual jailhouse. These orbs are near "Suite" 133 which housed Al Capone. The one on the right is round, beautifully white and dense. No possibility of reflection or other camera or manmade artifact exists. The "orb" does show up on the negative. There is also an "orb" on the left at approximately the third "room" door at approximately the halfway point.

Alcatraz is known for its hauntings as we discovered by the very private stories given to us by Park Rangers Curtis, Mandi and Joy who have all experienced paranormal activity while working on The Rock. They were very gracious and generous with both their time and information.

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